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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Beginning

I am not in the middle or end of this journey but at the very beginning. I have yo-yo'd in my weight many times throughout my life. I am 4 pounds shy of my heaviest weight, something I am greatly ashamed to admit. But anyone that sees me, sees my photos, can see what I'd like to hide. I have let myself gain weight, again. I have my reasons, my excuses and my heartaches that contributed to this problem. I am an emotional eater and I've suffered losing my Mom, my Mother in law and a long time friend since 2004. I've eaten myself through the grief. But I know those are just Excuses.

This is me currently, taken in June 2009. This is my before photo.

Now it's time to care about myself, put myself first and get back in shape. I don't have a time frame, but I have a goal weight. I am going to try for 2 pounds a week but I know some weeks may not be as good as others, I'm being realistic. I'm not going to follow a fad diet, 6 weeks to a miracle new me, or other crazy diet. I am going to eat right, exercise and relearn healthy habits.

The following photos are me in 2003 when I was 5 pounds from my target weight. Less than a month later I was pregnant with my second child. Making these some of the last photos of myself at a healthy weight.

I welcome followers, I welcome support, I welcome your stories.

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