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Monday, April 5, 2010

New Commitment

I'm excited for my latest commitment. I've joined the Team Weight Loss at my gym. This morning was the first session. It is going to help me in so many ways! I like both trainers. The class is small, although we may have a few more join us but it will still be a great size group. We also have incentives to journal what we eat....if we don't journal we do push ups in front of everyone.

The class is at 9:30, it's not too early but my mornings will have to start earlier for me to be ready. My kids are out the door between 8:40am and 9:00am. There will be no time to delay.

It's a 12 week course and I have to write out 12 goals to achieve during the course. We did a fitness test today with 4 components. How far can we walk in 12 minutes, we could walk, jog or run. How long could we hold a plank. Complete as many sit ups as we could in 30 seconds. And last was the flexibility test. I did well on all of them except I was disappointed in my walking results. We retest in 6 weeks and I'm going to improve all the results!

I'm setting a goal for this week is to write at least 3 days worth of meal plans so it's easier to journal what I eat. I don't like doing push ups, especially when I can prevent them! ;-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Project #

It's been a while since my project number has changed. Last week I never posted my weigh-in or project number. I lost -1.2 lbs for last week's weigh-in. Giving me a My New Project #53.8 I still haven't hit the goal of losing 20 lbs or even 10% yet. I know to achieve those goals I have to keep up with my work outs and proper diet. I'm so close to both that I should get to them within the next week or two, as long as I keep it up.

I missed this mornings weigh-in so I will try for tomorrow. A day delay won't throw off my results.

I also haven't done well with my goals. I didn't finish the last one because I spent the week sick. I didn't work out or even touch those darned cupboards. This week I was going to reset the goals and get back to my work outs. Until I was sideswiped by migraines all week. I have an appointment to see my doctor next week. I'm not going to let them go uncontrolled and keep me from living.

As a positive change, I signed up for Team Weight Loss at my gym. There will be about 8-12 of us working with a trainer 3 days a week. I'm going to add in one strength group a week so I'll have 4 guided work outs a week. It runs for 12 weeks. I'd love to lose 20 lbs with the class but I'm going to set a realistic goal of 15 lbs since I tend to lose weight slower. It starts Monday morning and I am so excited.

It might be delayed but my spring is off to a positive start!