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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting started.....

So far I'm doing well, eating properly and picking good snacks. I still need to clean out the cupboards and make a trip to the grocery store. That may have to wait until Thursday, payday. I get a little funny when our bank account hits a specific number and I don't want to spend anymore money. But I'll make my list, cut my coupons and be ready.

Weigh-in day: This one is causing me grief. I need to pick one day for my weigh-in's. I will probably pick Tuesday or Friday. I like the idea of Friday the best because it will help me now how to plan my weekends. Tuesdays will be best if I go on Weight Watchers because that's the day I'd attend meetings. Decisions, Decisions. And this isn't even taking into account of all the feelings of weighing in. Blah.... :-) But soon, it will become a positive thing, that I am determined!

Work Outs: I haven't started this in any structured fashion. I wake up with plans to work out but something always changes it. For example this weekend, I was going to take an hour walk. Instead we put in a new closet system and I was moving clothes and lifting boxes. I was sore the next day! It was equivalent to a walk. And now I've been fighting a migraine. After tonight's activities I plan to take that neighborhood walk, headache or not. It's time to stop making excuses!

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  1. Goo you! I need to stop making excuses too.

    Good luck with your life change and I'll keep popping in on you. xox