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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small piece of motivation

My weekend seems to have carried partly into this week. It's had more downs than ups. I've had a lot of emotions to manage but I'm making it through.

My left knee has been causing me a lot of pain. I've kept up on my work outs and walking, I just don't push too hard. I see my doctor next week, I'm hoping for physical therapy and not a "pill" to mask the problem.

I've been doing so-so with my diet. I need to get in the habit of planning meals and having the right food in the house. We got rid of the junk food, that's part of the battle.

I did have one GOOD thing today. I had to go for my yearly interview at work, I know it's crazy but we have to interview every fall. I wasn't sure what to wear, it's been hot outside and I know the office is warm. I picked a skirt and a shirt to "try", I haven't worn them all summer. They never fit right, always a little too tight. I know I haven't lost much but those few pounds lost and the working out, the clothes were comfortable! Definitely a feel good moment and motivation to keep going!

I'm keeping at these changes, every day is one step closer!


  1. Celebrate with the small, good changes! Those add up and count a lot!

  2. It's called a NSV (non scale victory) and they are the very best. Congratulations, keep taking those small steps. And thanks for becoming one of my followers.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment on my blog! Like you, I only recently started this journey so it has been amazing to have so many people show their support. Way to go on removing the junk food from your house... that is definitely important! I hope your knee feels better soon.