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Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm back and I lost my first.....

This past month I couldn't concentrate on my blog. I also put my weight loss on the back burner. I didn't stop trying to eat better but it wasn't a priority.

NOW, I'm back. I have my new Project #..... Project 61.2! I didn't keep up with my food log, I cut back working out but I still lost weight! At today's weigh-in, I'm down a total of 10.1 lbs! I am very happy I reached the 10 lb mark, it's inspiring for me.

I'm back on my blog, I'm back to using my journal and recording my foods, closely watching what I eat and I'll keep dropping those pounds.

The last few weeks I've faced a few hurdles. Anniversaries of the deaths of 2 very close people to me, a dear friend and my Mom. I have a personal issue that I'm slowly facing, that's zapped me of all care about myself for the last few weeks. I have a new health challenge that will take time to pan out. I'm still hoping it'll all be good! My knee still hurts but I learned it's a baker's cyst in my left knee. There's no arthritis, it's from letting my knee get too weak. It is very bad, it's now hard to walk far, I can't stand long and it hurts all the time, the pain radiates down my leg. I start physical therapy next week, that should help. And I'm going to have at least one session with a personal trainer. There are so many exercises I cannot do with my knee that I'm feeling lost, I need that extra help. And last week, the family had H1N1.....but those days are done!

Today, I'm feeling good. I hit that 10 lb mark! I'm wearing jeans and shirts I haven't fit in a year. I even bought 2 new pieces of clothes from the regular department at the store! Now, THAT felt GOOD!

I am back!