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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back to the Gym

Most of my workouts I've been doing at home. I have plenty of DVD's, a BOSU balance trainer, that I love! Plus a large stability ball. That one varies between being my friend and my enemy. Lately it's been an enemy.

Today I made it back into the gym and met with a personal trainer for an hour. We went over my history, my goals and what I'm currently doing for nutrition, cardio and resistance training. They came up with my "real age" at...gulp...44. At least it was down from the prior 48 the last time I did the test but it needs to come down and preferably below my actual age! I have some work to do.

Together with the trainer we determined I need the most help with resistance training. My diet he called good to excellent, yay, love the reinforcement! I'm doing well on cardio. But I want to get off the weight machines and use free weights. I don't know how to start! So starting on Thursday I'll see another trainer and start some sessions with her, with concentration on resistance training. The trainer comes from a similar background, she's lost a lot of weight and is also raising 2 kids. We seemed to get along easily. I'm really looking forward to Thursday and getting more ideas!


  1. That's great! I don't do well on that *bleeping* ball. I need to get better because that means my core is better. We'll see. LOL.

    I should do the "real age" test again.