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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dreaded E.........

Emotions. Oh can they get the best of me! I've been struggling for the last week. I got through Thanksgiving day without gaining, no loss but no gain! Yeah! That was good.

Starting Thanksgiving through today, it's been one thing after another. I thought when my friend Loren died that I'd be tempted to overeat. I thought I'd fall back to old habits. But I didn't, I stayed strong. I cry when I need to, talk about him when I need to talk. If I can't talk to anyone I'll text someone and say, I miss him! It's helped me stay focused. (You know who you are, thanks for letting me text so many times to say that!)

I learned this week, it's not the big thing that will get me, its the piling up of the small things.

The family drama on Thanksgiving. Seeing old family habits return. A stressful day on Friday. Saturday I upset a friend and wasn't sure if we'd talk again. Then I had a talk with another friend that made me feel awful. I cried so much my eyes were bloodshot the next day. Sunday included a medical emergency for extended family. Monday and Tuesday included botched blood tests and mixed up doses of my medication. Wednesday was another stress with a friend and learning my favorite hair stylist is retiring. A stress headache started Sunday and won't go away. Little things in the grand scheme but they added up and I quit caring early in the week.

I've not watched my diet. I'm eating what I shouldn't. I've eaten more than I needed. I haven't been working out enough. Today I'm beating myself up over this last week. Tomorrow's weigh in will show the damage.

I prepared myself for the big thing but I need to learn how to manage the day to day stresses that add up. One week can't be the start of my downfall and failure. I can't let it.

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  1. HUGS!!! Things will get better. Thinking of you. Sorry it's been so hard lately. :o/