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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holidays and a great NSV!

The week after Thanksgiving threw me into a new struggle. I'm still working my way back into my new habits.

I'm doing ok on my diet, I could do better but I'm not ruining everything either. I did gain back .04 lbs during that bad week, now I need to take that off. Thankfully I have a good plan for the weeks ahead. I finally have my holiday decorations boxes put away so I can work out at home again. I also have an appointment with a new personal trainer tomorrow. Getting back to my workouts will help me get fully back on track.

I am only hosting one Christmas party this year. I'm already planning a good menu with more healthy choices. For the parties I'm attending I'll be bringing at least one healthy dish. There will be the traditional foods too but I'll be well prepared in advance.

One of my favorite accomplishments happened this past week. I decided I needed at least one pair of jeans that fit me. I was so surprised when I was able to go down 2 sizes in jeans and 3 sizes in a top. That was a great NSV for me, it re-enforced what I'm doing and why... so that I feel better!


  1. Keep up the great work!! Having a plan during the holiday craziness is always good!

  2. that is awesome about your sizes going down!!! :) keep up the great work!