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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late weigh-in results

After almost a full week in the hospital with a blood clot I have to find my groove again. It's slow going but each day gets better. Last Friday I nervously weighed in. I thought after a week stuck in a tiny room, hooked to IV's that I was going to see a gain. I was pleasantly surprised.

I lost 1.6 lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 16.3 lbs. Yay! I'm excited. This brings my New Project # to 55! It's feeling manageable and I'm noticing a difference in my clothes. I'm wearing things I haven't fit in years and I'm pulling out clothes to donate that are now about to fall off of me. It's a great feeling!

Today's goal is to make it back into the gym. I've been very nervous about restarting my workouts. I was told it's safe to work out, as long as I don't fall, haha. But the mind plays games with "what ifs'"...I don't want to spend another day in the hospital but I can't live with fear ruling my life.