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Friday, March 12, 2010

Accountability excuses. It's been almost 3 months since my last post. And almost 3 months since I worked daily on my diet and exercise. I could make a few dozens excuses but that's all they are, excuses.

What it amounts to is I did not put myself and my health first. I let life, stress, work and every other excuse keep me from improving my health. No more! I'm back to working out, back to eating properly.

On a positive note, as a good motivator, I did not gain back any of the weight I lost last year. I maintained it the last 3 months. So while, my weight is the same, I'm happy with myself that I didn't have a gain, leaving my Project # at 55.

My task now is prevent another 3 month break. I have learned I need motivators. Once I stopped blogging my motivation quickly fell. So, I'm setting a goal for the next month to identify my motivators and list them.

I'm happy to be back!


  1. Welcome back! That you maintained your weight shows you're on the right track. Congrats!

  2. Nice to see you back ! Michael is right, maintaining the weight is great. Sometimes that is harder than losing the weight so well done X