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Monday, March 15, 2010

Goal Setting

GOAL: The purpose to which an endeavor is directed; an objective.

To help me stay motivated I've decided to start setting a weekly goal for myself. This first week, it's simple, work out 4 times between 3/14-3/20. I already worked out an hour at the gym on Sunday and I have my last session with my trainer on Monday. I should be able to easily fit in the other 2 work outs before Saturday.

In the past, I've tried the typical goal of losing 15 pounds by a certain date. Even with something big, like a wedding, I never succeeded. I've found it to be a stress and I quickly lose sight of the "why" and I don't achieve it. So I'm trying something new; setting smaller goals. One week at a time. They might be small victories but in the long run, it will help me get rid of those bad habits.

I'm okay with small victories because I know it will help me reach my ultimate victory of losing this weight!

1 comment:

  1. I think the small victories are what add up to be the biggest changes! Good plan.