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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Exercises

Monday was my last hour with my personal trainer. She wanted to make me hurt. She did.

I wanted new exercises to add to what I already know. She had me doing toe taps during the regular planks. She added more weights and leg lifts to my step ups. And she had me doing side planks as shown in the photo example above. Wow. I was bad at those. My core is still far from where I need it to be but I kept trying.

Then I asked for more ideas for abdominal exercises. She gave me them and had me do them many times. The one I had never done was a reverse incline crunch. For mine, I used a bench at an angle and laid on my back. Then I grabbed the bar so I didn't slip down. Then I had to lift my legs. She had me do those in 3 different ways.

All I can say, is please don't make me laugh. It hurts. :-D

As if that work out wasn't enough, I also did my 3 mile walk around my neighborhood and cut 4 minutes off my time. It was a good day for my work outs!

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